Spring is just around the corner, discover our Cote Saint Luc Apartments!

cote st luc apartment rentalsSpring is just around the corner and we are preparing to welcome new dwellers in our 3 beautiful apartment building in Cote-Saint Luc. For many people that come to our buildings, the Canadian spring is a new experience. We often welcome new-comers or recent immigrants.

Cote-Saint Luc has many summer actives planned for its residence. For more please go to Cote-Saint Luc’s website https://www.cotesaintluc.org/.

Canada will mark it’s 150th birthday and there will be big celebrations in the city, refer to Canada’s website for more to find events near Cote-Saint Luc (that shouldn’t be a problem since we are 15 minutes away from down town) : http://canada.pch.gc.ca/eng/1468262573081

The neighborhood is filled with green well-maintained parks where young families can enjoy taking a walk in the afternoon. On hot summer days you can enjoy the public pool at Cote-Saint Luc http://www.cotesaintluc.org/accpool which features a small gym, basketball courts, kids parties etc.

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