City of Côte Saint-Luc invests in fixing roads and potholes

After a long and snowy winter, it’s a familiar view among Canadians. Potholes on our roads are omnipresent due to the extensive snow removal operations. We are lucky to have our apartments located in the city of Cote Saint-Luc. The pothole and road reparation began the second all the snow cleared.

The city uses asphalt mixes (hot and cold) to fill in the potholes as the popup. Cote Saint-Luc Apartments (Bentley, Balmoral and Baresford) tenants are encouraged to report those potholes to the city around our neighborhood so they can be taken care of as soon as possible.

Residents can help by calling the Public Works office at 514-485-6868 or using the SeeClickFix app on a smartphone to notify the city of a pothole. (Search on Apple Store or Google Store)